About Remote Dressage Coaching

With our remote dressage coach, you can train with one of our professional coaches from anywhere.
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Remote Dressage Coaching
Simple to set up
More cost effective and flexible than face to face lessons
Choose from a single session, training package or sign up to PRO membership on the App for a session a month

What do I need for Remote Dressage Coaching?

You'll need some basic equipment for Remote Dressage Coaching
Smartphone with the Pivo App and internet signal
Bluetooth Earbuds
A Pivo & Tripod or Friend to hold your phone

Remote Dressage Coaching Options

Check out our range of options for Remote Dressage Coaching.

Single Session

Perfect if you want to try remote dressage coaching, or top up your App membership.

Single sessions are a flexible way to train when you want to.
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Remote Dressage Coaching Bundles

If you're looking to kickstart your riding, take a look at our remote coaching packages.

You can save £££s by booking multiple sessions as well as spread the cost with Klarna.
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PRO Membership on our App

Want regular remote dressage coaching sessions? Sign up to our PRO membership on The Dressage Coach App and get a remote session each month.

You'll also get discounted rates on top up sessions as well as all the amazing perks of being a member!
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Remote Coaching Bundle

Single Session

Book a single session - perfect to try Remote Coaching or to top up an existing membership or package.

Is Remote Coaching For You?

Wondering about remote coaching? Check out this article we wrote for Equinnect.co.uk

Have you ever thought of giving Remote Coaching a go?  Remote Coaching is a relatively recent development in coaching which has become an option as technology has developed and here at The Dressage Coach, we've really harnessed technology to be able to offer remote coaching sessions to clients all over the world.

We started remote coaching in 2019 before anyone had ever heard of Covid and developed our app and remote coaching facilities to the point that when we were all shut away from each other, I was able to continue teaching my clients remotely without any issues.

What are the benefits of remote dressage coaching?

Remote Coaching has many benefits, such as being a great way to get a coaching session with coaches who are out of your area,  it's also great if you don't have easy access to transport, there's more flexibility in times/days and quite often it is a cheaper way to get coaching! Remote coaching is also far more environmentally friendly. I used to spend many hours in the car driving thousands of miles a year to my clients and although I still teach a lot face to face, remote coaching has reduced the impact of my business on the environment by reducing my car usage a lot.

What kit do you need for remote dressage coaching?

Remote Coaching is like having your coach with you

Remote coaching is really simple to set up and you don't need lots of expensive equipment.

All you'll need is:

There are loads of ways of setting up your device in the field or arena, one of my clients attaches their phone to a pole and pops it in a traffic cone!

There are several ways to be able to have a remote session:

1) Have a friend/family member hold your phone and follow you as you ride

2) Use a Pivo ( when using a Pivo for Remote Coaching, you don't need it to be able to track you as the coach takes control of the Pivo)

3) Pixio/Pixem - This tracks you as you ride and you can use this for Live Remote lesson, but the coach must be registered with them.

At The Dressage Coach, we coach Riders all over the world using all of the above, and they all work!!  

My day usually starts very early as I'll be training a client the other side of the world in the Philippines before I head to the gym and then onto some face to face clients. I can teach my remote clients on the road, from a yard or from home so my availability is much more flexible than when I have to add in travelling time.

What if I don't have internet?

If you don't have access to Wifi or 4/5G, don't panic!  We have a feature on our App that is for our members to upload UNLIMITED videos for one of our coaches to look over, and give you a video feedback, with your original video in giving you exercises and tips on how to get what you want from your ride.

The Dressage Coach App and Remote Coaching

We have developed The Dressage Coach App to be able to record and store remote lessons,  so our members have a library of all their remote sessions within the App so they can look back at what they did!  

Riders that have tried Remote Coaching have instantly loved it and have either converted totally to it, or have used it as a way to have more coaching!  The comment I hear the most from my remote clients is that it really is like I'm there with them in the arena. So what are you waiting for??? Give it a go!